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at some of The Circle’s most popular columns.

“We were hooked!
A Circle staff member dropped off a pile of Circles at my house to survey my kids’ opinions — and we were hooked!
The Circle is good, healthy, clean reading material for your kids. There’s no advertising, no message being pushed, and no over-materialism. There are intriguing current events articles interesting to adults as well. The design is also child-friendly and compelling.”

Mrs. Tamara Donath, High school teacher and mother of several avid Circle fans Lakewood, NJ

No other magazine covers such a broad scope of information in such an easy-to-read format.
The Circle is so informative and smart! It has a nice mix of light material like comics, and also wholesome stuff. The meaty parts are so visually appealing that they’re not intimidating. No other magazine covers such a broad scope of information in such an easy-to-read format. My kids literally devour it from cover to cover.”

Mrs. Rochele Fried, mother of 4 Circle readers Lakewood, NJ

With The Circle, I feel that my children are getting relevant information in an interesting and Torahdik way. They give a good overview of the news in a way that’s relevant to children. The halacha column uses pictures and questions that give over the halacha very well. It’s no wonder that The Circle is very popular.

Mrs. Goldie Cohen, Passaic, NJ Upload Submissions

Each issue is a success.
They’re not flipping pages looking for a good article — each issue is a success. There is something in it for every type of kid: from adventure-filled boyish columns to dramatic serial stories to the can-you-believe-it’s-true funny news column. And my little kid is fabulous at finding the hidden pictures in the back.

Sara Tyberg, Third-grade teacher and mother of a bunch of Circle fans (Secret Circle fan herself!) Lakewood, NJ

This is by far the best Jewish children’s magazine on the market. Perhaps the best magazine on the market, period. It has a large variety of interesting content and well-researched, timely articles on historical and contemporary topics of general interest. It keeps that balance between entertaining and educational. All my children are excited every week when The Circle arrives at our house!

Baruch Katz

Circle articles are written wonderfully with a high interest-level for kids. They are very educational and relevant today. The Circle really boosts the children’s world knowledge of important events and world history.
It is exciting and tells the kids exactly what you want them to know.

Rivky Saalkind, SLP at Speech Solutions and Circle subscriber