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The Circle is a weekly children’s magazine
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Welcome to the Magazine

that keeps your kids’ attention.


Each article is designed to read smoothly and easily. The colors are bright. The illustrations are beautiful. You know where to go on the page without scratching your head.

for Kids

The articles read on an elementary school level. No highfalutin words — that would be like adding teriyaki sauce to popcorn. The Circle is plain old crystal clear.

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How does The Circle

keep the kids entertained for hours?

With The Circle, you get 80 packed pages of thrilling content every week!
  • Riveting fiction
  • Enriching nonfiction
  • Quick ‘n’ cool facts
  • Gripping, top-quality comics
  • Interactive contests
  • Fun, kid-friendly recipes
  • Expanded Yom Tov content and supplements
  • Stories of gedolim
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children will:

Enter the world of Circle characters.
Gizmo’s ingenious inventions flying through the air… Laughs and tears with Only Mimi and the Muenster bunch… And Whats up for discussion this week.

Discover more about the world.
Articles about science, history, and current events will capture their attention in an engrossing and engaging way that doesn’t feel academic.

Keep busy with wholesome activities.
Writing to a Circle pen pal. Creating a recipe for a contest. Building a Lego creation to be featured in the Masterpieces section. Figuring out the answer to the illustrated escape room. They will use their brains (rather than while away the time playing mindless computer games).

Hear from

our Parents

Living in Dallas, The Circle helps my kids feel like they belong to a bigger picture. There just isn’t enough reading material out there. With The Circle, I know that every week they’re going to get kosher reading.

Mrs. Becky Udman, Preschool Director Torah Day School of Dallas

The Circle delivers such engaging and educational content, meticulously selected each week and presented in a most entertaining and appealing way. And there’s something for everyone! Through a Torah perspective, kids enjoy great stories and comics, timely current events-tidbits, helpful advice, important halachos, and loads of additional content to help them learn about the world and about themselves.

Rabbi Menachem M. Karmel, Principal of Yeshiva Gedola of Montreal Montreal, Canada

The kids (and I!) love The Circle.

It’s fun reading for them and has so many hands-on activities.

Raizy Fried @raizyscookin, Recipe creator and Circle subscriber

My daughter Fraidy waits anxiously each week for The Circle.
It’s the perfect mix of fascinating news, information, and inspiration.
As a budding author, she especially loves the kids’ writing contests, which get her creative juices flowing.

CB Weinfeld, Author and Circle subscriber

Every page of The Circle has something to offer. There’s nothing boring inside. I trust The Circle with my kids a hundred percent — they cornered the market appealing to every kind of kid.

It keeps them entertained and amused (and secretly educated too).

Mrs. Cippy Louie, Tarzana, CA